Help us plan Bike Party!! Come to our Meeting Wednesday at 7:00

Last month we had a great meeting where people gave ideas, split up into groups to find solutions to problems, and gave great creative input to make San Jose Bike Party the huge amazing event that it has become.

This month, we are following up on all those creative ideas and making them happen!!

All riders who have attended at least 2 rides are invited to attend the meeting.  We need and appreciate your input!!

Please come with an “I will” attitude, not a “you guys should” attitude.  All SJ Bike Party planners are volunteers who participate because because we love bicycles and people.  However, we can’t do everything. (If we could, we would take over this city!)

The event will take place:

Wednesday, September 16th from  7-8:30PM

King of Campus printing (thanks to Sulaiman for offering this venue!)
1177 W. San Carlos St
San Jose, CA  95126