Wow.  Bike party riders really stepped up to the plate tonight, to throw together an amazing ride with some fantastic press coverage.  Estimates range from 3,500 people at the start to 2,200 riders after the second re-group (both are estimates), but even with such astounding growth, we saw much fewer of the “growing pains” problems of past rides.

Many, many riders stepped up to volunteer as BIRDs keeping our ride peaceful and organized or as planners, testing the route and ensuring its success.  If you would like to volunteer, please sign up here.  Many more riders read the website and courteously observed our How We Ride rules, reminding each other to stop for red lights and doing an awesome job staying to the right when we could (even the Channel 5 reporter pointed out it would have been hard to keep to the right in downtown, not bad).

We all have ideas, and together we can continue to make Bike Party better.  (A lot of us mentioned a desire to bring back more goofy Bike Party spirit – we should come up with some chants or songs for the ride…)  The best part of Bike Party is that we keep changing and evolving to meet the needs of San Jose’s growing bike community.  So send in your thoughts, your stories, and your feedback, and check back here often to find out about our next planning meeting where we can begin to put it all into action.  Happy Bike Party!