No Pants Ride Recap

While there is no official count of how many people attended the No Pants ride, it is estimated that more than 2500 people made it.  I know looking at all the heads at the Long’s regroup, I was amazed how we filled up the entire parking lot with bikes.

I personally witnessed many wonderful attributes during the ride.

Thank you to those who:

*Helped pick up trash.

*Booed and told an aggressive person to go home.

*All the endless people I saw helping a friend repair a bicycle.

*All the people who reminded riders to stay on the right and all the people who had the smarts to let cars pass through when they were stuck.

*VTA for running an extra late train back to Winchester

However, I also saw many negative aspects of the ride.

When we started Bike Party, our main goal and mission was to create a Bicycle Community.  We wanted a place where people could make friends and enjoy San Jose through their bicycles.

When a bicycle rider harasses a car, a pedestrian, or severely blocks traffic-it creates hatred from drivers.  Many of the riders at San Jose Bike Party are everyday commuters.  We don’t own a car.  And we love riding our bikes.  However, most solo bike commuters have also been hit by cars, harassed by cars, nearly knocked off the road, or had other violence expressed at least once.  San Jose Bike Party is empowering because large masses of riders are safer from cars.  But, large masses of riders should not inspire cars to seek revenge later.  Please remember, that your actions against drivers, not only make Bike Party look bad, but they endanger everyday riders.  We want cars to be our allies not our enemies.  We have the “How We Ride” as a method to reduce congestion, protect riders, and prevent conflict.  They are not arbitrary rules, they are to keep the ride legal and safe.  Please follow them.

Also, I am deeply dismayed by the attitudes and the aggression on the ride.  Community means friendship and respecting one another.  Bike Party has grown into a huge successful event because we are open to everyone and we love everyone.

However, as of today, some of you are no longer welcome. If you think San Jose Bike Party is a place to get shit faced and pick fights, don’t come.  If you think San Jose Bike Party is a place where you can do what you want and harass cars, don’t come.   If you are so in love with a bike ride that you cannot give up your binge drinking, fight mongering,  douche-baggery, then start your own ride.  You can even call it Anti SJ Bike Party.  We won’t mind, just stop coming to our rides.

And unfortunately, like most douche bags, the handful of people who are causing the problems are probably not reading this site.  So, I need help from fellow riders to prevent these people from coming. Encourage your friends who cannot behave on the ride to find something else to do.  Let people know that their behavior is NOT OK. Bike Party’s August ride is starting at a new location, don’t give the address unless you know the rider can respect others and the How We Ride.

If the poor behavior continues, and volunteers like me and other BIRDs are threatened with violence for ASKING people to get out of the way or respecting the street; we will stop organizing the this ride.  When it gets dangerous for everyone, its not worth it to us.

And lastly, for you good respectful helpful riders who want community and a safe ride, thank you for coming.  We love you.  Please stay with us.  We need more of you to help with the ride, to make it  better and safer.  Sign up to volunteer here.