July 17th Ride & Route Details-No Pants

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Roll with the San Jose Bike Party south towards Almaden Valley and back into downtown via Willow Glen and the reinvogorated Cannery Area of Midtown San Jose. Please look at theHow We Ridesection on our website.

  1. Stay in the right lane when possible. NEVER ride the sidewalk. NEVER ride against oncoming traffic.
  2. Pick up your trash, leave nothing behind.
  3. Stop at red lights.
  4. Ride straight, ride predictability.
  5. Roll past conflict.
  6. Leave no one behind.
  7. Ride sober! It’s illegal and dangerous to drink and ride a bicycle.
  8. Make some noise! (we need your help to remind those who aren’t following the rules!)

Please arrive before 8:30pm as we’ll leave promptly by 9:00pm!

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: Many more needed to keep SJ Bike Party going!  http://www.sjbikeparty.org/who-we-are

  • Before ride – post signs w/ arrows on route (email testrides@nullsjbikeparty.org), an ability to print out directions,etc.
  • During ride – help riders to ride correctly, get deep into regroups, get out of regroups, boo littering & red light running,help someone with a flat, etc.
  • After ride – yell out at SJSU that you’re going back to Dicks, pick up litter at Dicks, etc.

BIRD’s training- We will be meeting earlier to hand out patches and discuss BIRD’s prior to the ride.  We will send an email providing more details.  (If you signed up to volunteer, you got added to the BIRDs email list)

Dick’s Center: Please be warned that riders CARS HAVE BEEN ROBBED AT DICK’s CENTER and your car CAN BE TOWED.  We encourage you to park elsewear, ride to Dick’s, or take light rail.

***Construction Update:  Meridian & Hillsdale is 95% done (ahead of schedule). Exercise some caution – curbs, minor gravel only.  No reroute needed.
DIRECTIONS & PRINTABLE MAPS: Please print out your own  Turn by turn directions

Does anyone know how to turn these maps below into useful Printable maps? And still have readable street names?

17.95 mi route

17.95 mi route

The main route is the first map. The second map is the same except for an extra loop up a three part hill on Camden Avenue. There will now be 4 regroups .

At about the 7-mile mark, we ask that riders who want to follow the main route to look for the chalk markings on the street after the ARCO gas station. Start merging to the LEFT about 2-3 blocks after it! Please be aware of cars and share the road!!

Please ignore those riders that will stay in the right lane who will go up the Camden Ave hill. Only one left turn lane on Camden.

Coleman Avenue is a gently curving one lane road each direction plus a bicycle lane and a wide shoulder. There is lighting only on the south side of the street and occasional low hanging branches to the right of the bike lane.

For riders wanting to return to Dicks, and not proceed to SJSU, please let the group exit from Regroup #4 at Hamilton & Meridian and let them ride toward downtown WG & SJSU via Meridian first. Then please safely cross Hamilton Ave. and proceed west for about 1.3 miles to Dicks (taking a right on Bascom).

Main Route Plus Extra Hill section:

19.19 mi + 118ft extra elevation

19.19 mi + 118ft extra elevation

If you’ve got the balls to wear no pants, than you’ll be up for this. But don’t let that 118 foot 3-part hill fool you. It can bring you down to your knees if you’re not ready for it!

For those wanting a more rigorous workout, by the 7 mile mark:

Please stay as far RIGHT as possible and head thru Coleman. Extra speed will help get up the hill, but PLEASE STOP for RED LIGHTS.
Straight thru Coleman up 3 hill sections then down two long sweeping turns. Some of this area may be dark, have small branches and you will be able to go FAST so be CAREFUL!  Extra strong lighting and advanced bike riding is suggested!
It may be hard to see, but there is a park on your left at Camden & Meridian. Take a left here at Meridian Ave. You will meet up with the rest of the “Coleman” riders at Coleman & Meridian.