Update: This ride was more like and experimental “pre-ride#1” so THANKS for working with it and your immediate feedback earlier esp. with the “options.”  Apologies for going too long on time. We will need to start as close to 9pm as possible obviously and would ask for your help in that regard.  We are already making some route changes. Please add you comments here ASAP as we want to finalize the route and turn by turn directions ASAP.
*** We are going to need volunteers on this ride at 3-5 key points!!!

Looking to help SJBP? Becoming a BIRD is a great way to do it! Now that we’ve tested July’s 17-mile route and think it’s great, we’d like to have a “shakedown run” with a larger test group — you don’t have to be a “volunteer.”  39 riders so far! Room for 11 more! (We’ll probably settle into three groups based on riding pace) Please sign onto the Facebook page! Some goals for our Pre-Rides:
Draft Route*

Shakedown Ride for July SJBP*

1) Great routes that minimize/eliminate “trouble” spots 2) Best possible Regroups for 1500-2000+ riders 3) Share the SJBP  “How We Ride” culture 4) Demo ride so SJBP can be marshalled better 5) Seek rider input,  get volunteers to “own” tasks that need to be done & have fun! Bring any powered music with cool mixes 7:15-8:00 – Training session for new & returning BIRDS and others that want to learn how they can volunteer. Specific tasks will be outlined/available. 8:00-10:00 +/-  Actual ride from Dicks to SJSU and back, with stops at each regroup to compare notes. For those that want to ride back to Dicks (and not go to SJSU) we’ll split at Regroup #4. We’ll start riding no later than 8pm-perhaps as early as 7:45pm. No facebook access or didn’t sign up? Come out anyway! If anyone is a MapMyRide guru (or is a MapMyRide employee looking at this) and can add second exit paths between Regroups #4 and 5 and the End, we’d love your help: Testrides@nullsjbikeparty.org