It’s that time again!  Time to remark on the ups and downs of another amazing ride.

First, the stats:  17.25mi, 1,535 riders (counted around 10:30pm at the Mabury overpass of I-680, since it narrowed and slowed us there).  It’s almost uninteresting to remark that 1500 riders is an all-time record for us, since we’ve been growing at 50% a month for several months now, meaning we’re twice as big as we were two months ago and FIVE times larger than we were in January.  Wild.  We have more riders each month than the ride that started so many rides in so many cities, San Francisco’s Critical Mass.  Go San Jose!

But with all of this impressive growth come some staggering problems.  Enormous numbers of people earn red-light violation tickets  each month (average cost = $300ish), plenty of people wipe out unnecessarily as a result of reckless riding, and littered trash is rampant at all of our stops and even along our route.  This is not sustainable.

What can we do to clean up the ride, both literally and figuratively?  We all want to see the ride continue – many of us think it’s the best thing to happen in this city in years.  It’s not going to happen on its own.  Plenty of people stepped up tonight to become BIRDs – Bike Information Resource Directors, the volunteers who keep our ride together.  These people are true heroes, and we need more of you to join this cause.  But that is not and will not be enough.  What can we do?

Hit your comments – for the purposes of this discussion, please avoid any “people should” or “you all should” comments – stick to the “I will” sort of comment and tell us what YOU will do to help our ride, not what someone else should do.  Also, of course feel free to mention tales and experiences from the ride, and photo links.

Ride on!