At long last, we have our final route mapped for Friday’s ride.

Route for June Ride

Route for June Ride

Check the map here:

June 2009 Bike Party route on Map My Ride

Thanks to Justin, Scott, Jeff, and everyone else who helped – yes, we’re last-minute again, but this was a really hard one to plan (tough neighborhoods with few parking lots) and everyone put in their volunteering overtime on this one.  Nice work!  As always, we will need more folks to help plan next month’s ride, the earlier the better.  We try to get a test ride in – join the route conversation on the forums.

Highlights/Stats for this ride:

  • 17.5 mi total from Dick’s Center to end at SJSU fountain
  • Scenic rides through the Shasta/Hanchett Rosegarden neighborhood, small hill/night view above East Side SJ, ride through Alum Rock neighborhood, and a visit to the underused but awesome Mexican Heritage Plaza.
  • Farthest Northeast Bike Party has ever ridden (farthest East was actually Southeast to Silver Creek/Brigadoon, over a year ago) – deepest into East Side we’ve ever gone
  • Alum Rock hill = average climb of 2% grade, maximum 4% grade for last 1/4mi only.  Downhill is average 3% grade down for 1 mile – whee!

Remember to stop at ALL red lights. Experienced riders, we need you! Show up early to earn your BIRD shirts and help keep our ride well-organized and smooth-flowing!

– your friendly route planning volunteers