Do you love Bike Party?

Do you want to help out but are not sure how?

Are you a seasoned Bike Party rider?

We need your help!!

San Jose Bike Party has gotten HUGE. In less than two years, we have grown from an average ridership of forty cyclists to over a thousand!!

With so many riders, we are getting a lot more attention from politicians, police, community residents, and of course drivers.

We need help to keep Bike Party safe, keep it fun, and keep it from getting shut down.

San Jose Bike Party is asking all riders who have ridden on at least four or more rides and understand the “how we ride” policy to become a Bike Party BIRD. (Bicycle Information Resource Director).

What does a Bike Party BIRD do?

Be the face of Bike Party and guide new riders on what’s going on.

Help other riders follow rules of the road.

Some Birds can lead the way, be in front of the pack and tell people where to go.

Remind people to pick up their trash, stop at red lights, and roll past conflict.

This is a very fun job! You get to be a mentor for riders while enjoying bike party.

If you are interested, please come to the ride 45 minutes early or email We have awesomely designed shirts for all participants.

The more riders who are BIRDS means the larger likely hood San Jose Bike Party will be around for a long time!