Scallywag Scavenger Hunt is taking place this Saturday, July 11!

Registration at 11:15 AM –located at the benches near the San Jose State University Fountain
Registration Closed at 11:45 AM (do NOT be late!)
Scallywag begins at 12:00 PM
Scallywag ends and barbecue beings at 3:05 PM (location of barbecue will be provided day of event)

Bring: a bag/backpack to carry items, a camera per team, a team costume.
Suggested: A SV Map, water, sunscreen.

Total riding: 10-20 miles depending on your decisions.

Cost: $9 per person

Team: 2-5 people. Teamless? We will assign day of event.

Scoring: Costume, Items picked up, arrival times.

Funny Details:
$5-6 goes to the cost of food, $1-2 to print photos, and due to rising costs of our events, we are asking all participants to bring an extra $2 to pay for additional supplies.
All participants must print their photos prior to the barbecue so bring a Polaroid or standard memory card type digital camera. You can print your photos at a local Rite Aid or Walgreens. If you are concerned with your memory card, check their websites for more details.

Food will only be provided to Scallywag participants. Vegetarian grilled items will be available. If you have specific dietary requirements be sure to grab something before heading to the barbecue. It’s going to be hot and you don’t want to carry around perishables all day!