Wow, what a night!  1,000 riders, by two separate counts, in two separate places, even!  So many good thoughts and good times…this really is what it is all about.

Major props go to the many, many volunteers that make the rides flow – many people who go unnamed, who help in all those little ways that are really so hugely important:  all of you who helped remind someone to stay on the route; all of you who reminded someone to check their behavior; all of you who helped make rest stops “work” by making sure we all moved in deep to make room and helped get us moving again when it was time; all of you who towed music trailers, couches, and sidecars; all of you who thanked the cops; really just ALL of us, for being so positive and wonderful, showing this valley how to really roll.

A special shout-out to both Santa Clara County Sheriffs and De Anza-Foothill Community College Police, who together blocked off traffic (corked) for us at one of the nastiest intersections – Stevens Creek and Stelling, then Stevens Creek and De Anza.  That was wonderful – thank you, thank you, thank you!

I remember saying at our 1-year anniversary in October:  we happily reached 200 riders in a year, and hoped to see 1,000 riders in 5 years.  That vision has come to pass over 3 years early, and it’s awe-inspiring.  Remember to keep it positive, keep it creative, keep it hopeful – we will turn this valley into a Bike City yet!

As usual, please share your (polite & appropriate) relections on this ride in the comments below!  Stories, thoughts, reactions, links to pictures or videos, tales of encounters from the ride are all welcome!