Today (Thursday) is Bike to Work Day, in the midst of the just-as-marvellous Bike to Work Week and Bike to Work Month.  Heck, personally I like to make it a Bike to Work Year, but I can see how some people find it hard to Bike Party it up ALL the time.

Anyway, aside from the obvious (hey – bike to work today!), here are some things you can do to celebrate, from the easy to the more involved:

  • Sign a petition to Google to make a “bike there” option on their website!
  • Read more about Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area and all the events going on on around the Bay Area.
  • Tell a friend about Friday’s Bike Party Troll Ride! (Remember, it’s long, so bike to work first to get your exercise in!)
  • Visit an energizer station wherever you bike today!
  • Help a friend plan a good route to bike to work or school!  Better yet, go with them!
  • Attend the Bike Coalition’s Bike Away From Work party from 6-8pm on the Alameda and sign up for an SVBC membership while you’re at it to help support bike advocacy in the South Bay.

Hope to see you on the streets!