Yet again, 400-500 of us united on the streets last night to celebrate the best community-on-wheels this town has ever seen.  We have some props and some proposals:


  • Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department, who awesomely corralled our ride down Los Gatos Boulevard and then back up Santa Cruz/Winchester by blocking traffic on side streets.  What a wonderful reception!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Sweetness from our own riders:  fire-spinning from Craig, the return of the music couch trailer from Greg and Rachel, continued support from Councilperson Oliverio, seriously dedicated and thoughtful planning from many, and the intensely amazing hard work by many, many volunteers to keep the ride on-route, together, and in one lane. Well done, all!
  • Let’s not forget the best part:  Wildly creative decorated helmets! Congratulations once again to the neon-mohawk battle “winner” and nice work, everyone.


  • Last night we witnessed why it is important to follow bicycle laws, safety ideas, and guidelines of the ride.  Following the rules is hard sometimes, and we need a LOT of help to keep the ride on-track.  Several people were cited by Campbell Police for running a red light, not having lights on their bicycles, and at least one bicyclist collided with a car (tacoing a front wheel, I’m told) while riding on the sidewalk.  We can prevent things like this, but we need help from all of our riders!
  • Bike Party needs you! If you’ve been on 2-3 rides (or more), know how we roll and have the general sense of things, we NEED your help!  We need volunteers to keep the ride moving – that means keeping us to one lane (when possible), reminding everyone to stop only at designated points rather than in the street, and generally keeping  attitudes positive and safe.  You have a choice:  step up to help out, or watch Bike Party turn to mush.  Step up, speak up!

Altogether, it was another great ride with lots of highlights and fun times – as we sit back and scroll through our pictures and recap good times with friends, let’s remember how rare this sort of large-scale community event really is…and think about what we need to do to keep it going.