March’s Psychedelic Robot Ride just finished, and what a night it was!  We broke the record for attendance once again – over 500 riders after a year and a half of rides (unofficially counted on Lincoln right after Regroup #1).  In fact, given that January brought 315, February 380, and this past ride over 500, we’re still seeing 20-25% growth per month. You heard that right, Bike Party is the only thing still growing in this economy!

Volunteers worked double-time to keep such a large ride on route and together, and the efforts paid off in spades.  More to come on that soon…  The police were fantastically helpful tonight, courteously helping to block traffic and guide the route from time to time.  Councilman Oliverio (SJ District 6, Willow Glen & West SJ) came out to ride and lend support, giving a hint that some in city government might really be serious about their pro-bike “green vision.”

Watching the sea of red blinking lights ride up the crest of Almaden Rd under the train tracks, this rider couldn’t help but think that it was a glimpse into the future – this town really is headed in great directions.  Riding home, encountering Bike Partiers on their way everywhere I rolled, I knew it was true:  this really is a cyclists’ town.

So give props where props are due (*ahem* Thanks to the SJPD and Mr. Oliverio), give a holler and a “Bike Party!” yell to the friends you pass in your commute in the next month, and perhaps most fun of all, share your comments and reflections on the ride in the comments below! All near-topic and civil comments welcomed…